Men's Shirt Style Guide: How to Choose & Wear the Right Shirts

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Men's Shirt Style Guide: How to Choose & Wear the Right Shirts

Men's Shirt Style Guide: How to Choose & Wear the Right Shirts

A man's wardrobe is not complete without a versatile selection of shirts. 

More than just undershirts or garments to be hidden under jackets, the right shirts can upgrade and pull together any outfit.

Shirts are often the centrepiece or main element of an outfit. They can establish the overall style, formality, colour palette and aesthetic of what you are wearing.

Beyond contributing to the visual appeal of an outfit, shirts also affect how clothing fits and feels on your body. 

An ill-fitting shirt that pulls or billows in the wrong places can ruin the drape and line of an otherwise great jacket or pair of pants. 

A well-fitted shirt provides support, allows movement and complements your shape.

With the right shirts, you'll always look polished, put together, and ready to take on whatever comes your way.

Essential Shirt Every Man Should Own

Our shirt collection includes formal dress shirts, casual weekend shirts, and everything in between. 

We use fabrics like cotton, linen, silk and lycra blends selected for both beauty and durability. 

The fits range from tailored and slim to relaxed and athletic to accommodate different builds and preferences.

Veshbhoosha's shirts work well for traditional Indian outfits like kurta pyjamas as well as modern western looks. 

Our styles fuse timeless silhouettes with current colours, patterns and detailing for shirts that transition seamlessly from work to play. We offer classic solids along with fresh stripes, checks and prints.

How to Style Men's Poly Cotton Shirts

Our poly cotton shirts are a wardrobe staple for casual weekend and daily wear. 

Made from a lightweight polyester-cotton blend, these shirts are soft, breathable, and great for warm weather. 

Veshbhoosha offers them in fun pops of colour like pink, orange, and blue for a playful, youthful vibe. 

Style them untucked with jeans, shorts, or casual trousers for a relaxed outfit. The vibrant colours pair well with neutrals like white, khaki, olive, or denim. 

These are optimal for a day out, running errands, travel, or wearing on the weekends.

Men’s Cufflink Formal Shirts

A tailored white or black cufflink shirt is a necessity for every professional's wardrobe. 

Our formal shirts are crisply cut dress shirts designed for business meetings, presentations, events, and any occasion requiring polished attire. 

The white offers a timeless, fail-safe choice that works year-round, while the black provides a modern edge for sleek professional looks.

Wear them with suits, blazers, and dress trousers or pants. Finish the look with leather dress shoes and belts, along with cufflinks and ties when appropriate.

How to Style and Layer Men's Mandarin Collar Shirts

Mandarin collar shirts have a fashion-forward, sleek look without the restriction of a buttoned collar.

Veshbhoosha offers these in black, blue, or white - versatile neutrals that pair with most trousers, jeans, or suits. 

Tuck them in for a streamlined look or wear them loose for relaxed polish. Try layering them under blazers or sweaters in coordination with the base colour. 

They work for both casual Fridays at the office and smart casual events after hours.

Essential Men's Lining Shirts

A lining shirt is a wardrobe basic, meant to be worn as an under layer that adds structure and a smooth finish. 

Veshbhoosha provides these in black and navy - two classic lining colours that disappear under most overshirts and jackets. 

Wear them under dress shirts, blazers, sweaters, and suits in the same colour family. 

They add a bit of lightweight warmth and prevent transparency of dress shirts. Style them for work, formal occasions, and anytime you need a polished layered look.

Timeless Striped Shirts for Men's Casual and Dress Looks

best formal shirts for men

From thin pinstripes to wide nautical stripes, striped shirts add a timeless pattern to any men's wardrobe. 

Veshbhoosha offers classic breton stripe shirts in shades of white, black, and blue

This versatile pattern works across occasions, dressing up or down seamlessly. For casual looks try layering under a sweater or wearing jeans and sneakers.

For a dressier take, pair with trousers and a sports jacket. Stick to blue and white stripes for the most versatility.

Men’s Formal Shirts for Professional Look

Formal Shirts for men
Having an array of well-fitting formal shirts is key for elevating professional looks.

We provide a range of solids and subtle patterns like ginghams and textured wovens in colours that span from white and light blue to bolder shades like dark green and oranges.

Made with quality cotton and lycra-infused fabrics, their dress shirts offer a tailored fit and comfortable stretch.

Recommended for wear with suits, dress pants, blazers, and business casual attire. Finish the look with leather dress shoes and smart accessories.

Men's Lycra Athletic Shirts for Fitness, Yoga, Running

We use lycra in shirts designed for athletic and activewear.

The stretchy spandex-like fabric allows for ease in movement. Moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties also make their men’s lycra blend shirts ideal for workouts, yoga, running, and any activity.

Style them with joggers, shorts, or gym pants for fitness. They also work for casual athleisure looks paired with jeans or chinos.Styling

In summary, shirts are an essential component of a man’s wardrobe and getting the right fit and style makes all the difference in pulling together a great look.
Veshbhoosha offers a diverse selection of high-quality shirts so you can build a collection suitable for any occasion and aesthetic.

From tailored formal dress shirts to relaxed-fit weekend staples, our range has you covered. Thoughtful design details, flattering silhouettes, and fabrics that balance comfort and durability define the Veshbhoosha brand.

Make Veshbhoosha your go-to destination for essential shirts that will serve you for seasons to come.

Our meticulous construction and timeless designs make our shirts well worth the investment.

Refresh your work wardrobe with smartly-cut dress shirts or enhance your casual vibe with playful prints and colours. Treat yourself to a versatile new shirt that upgrades any outfit.


What type of shirt is best?

The ideal shirt depends on the occasion and personal style. Veshbhoosha offers a diverse range, including formal dress shirts, casual weekend shirts, cufflink formal shirts, Mandarin collar shirts, lining shirts, and more, catering to various needs.

Which colour t-shirt is best?

The best colour for a t-shirt varies based on personal style, but Veshbhoosha provides options such as vibrant colours like pink, orange, and blue for a playful vibe, as well as versatile neutrals like black, blue, and white to suit different wardrobe preferences.

What shirts should every man own?

A well-rounded wardrobe should include formal dress shirts, casual weekend shirts, cufflink formal shirts, Mandarin collar shirts, lining shirts, timeless striped shirts, and even athletic shirts. This ensures versatility for different occasions and styles.

Which type of shirt suits me?

The suitability of a shirt depends on individual preferences and body types. Veshbhoosha offers fits ranging from tailored and slim to relaxed and athletic, encouraging readers to explore various styles to find the best fit for their taste and occasions.

How to style a shirt ?

Styling tips are provided for different shirt types. For example, suggestions include wearing Poly Cotton Shirts untucked with jeans, styling cufflink formal shirts with suits, dress trousers, layering Mandarin collar shirts under blazers or sweaters, and experimenting with different combinations for striped, satin, and athletic shirts based on the occasion.
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