Discover the Iconic Fashion Trend of Satin Shirts in Our Collection.

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Discover the Iconic Fashion Trend of Satin Shirts in Our Collection.

A major fashion moment in the 70s and 90s has made a rather quotidian return on the runway in the past few years, but considering the widespread media influence it was just a matter of time before the satin shirts have made their way from fashion shows of big international designers to the masses.
100% Cotton-Satin garments will still be a major trend in wedding season'23.

In the olden days, it was only used by women but now, 100% Cotton-satin is one of the most popular fabrics in men’s fashion.

Foreign designers cut pieces with a Caucasian body type in mind, which doesn’t factor in differences in height, shoulder width and even the classic Indian male paunch.
Men in this country are getting more health and fashion conscious, but there are still major differences. Our idea was to cater to every body type, not just keep up with trends.

The luxurious and elegant fabric is becoming a wardrobe staple because of its versatility. The fluidity of it makes it perfect for all silhouettes and can transition from day to night with ease.

How do you pair a 100% Cotton-satin shirt for men?
Here are some great options for pairing pants with 100% cotton-satin shirts:
Trousers: Classic tailored trousers in neutral colors like black, navy, gray, or cream can be an excellent choice.
Wide-leg pants: Wide-leg pants can beautifully balance the lustrous texture of satin shirts.

A blue blazer makes a great combination with a darkish satin shirt.

A Tucked-in shirt doesn’t look good on slim men, which is why opting to leave the shirt without tucking in would look good. An un-tucked shirt means that the sleeves have been rolled up. This is a great choice for men who don’t want their sleeves rolled up all the way.

It would help if you also considered how your 100% cotton-satin shirt would look with other items of clothing. If you are wearing a pair of trousers or a jacket, it will look out of place if you have a solid colour shirt. The same is true if you are wearing a white t-shirt. It should always match and never mismatch.

Another important thing I would like to share is that never wear velvet or Denim pant under the 100% Cotton-Satin Shirt because this might spoil the look of the shirt.
Satin has been around for many years and looks set to be around for many more. There is something romantic and elegant about 100% cotton-satin. It gives a very nice look to every outfit and makes you feel warm and loved. Wearing satin shirts is no longer something reserved for the formal rich.

It is open to all men who want to look stylish and confident.

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